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Alludu Gaaru

EP4 : Ukkiri Bikkiri

2021 • 22M • 1 Season • Romance Comedy

Humorous • Romantic

Amulya gets into a heated argument with her parents over their opinion of Ajay and she ends up sulking for days. Nalini and Ashok are feeling a bit embarrassed and end up over compensating. Ajay meanwhile is caught between both the warring parties. Will he take sides? Does he have to?

Season 1

1. Randi Dhaya Cheyandi
Episode 1 | 28min
2. Mad House
Episode 2 | 27min
3. Happy Anniversary
Episode 3 | 29min
4. Ukkiri Bikkiri
Episode 4 | 22min
5. Manam
Episode 5 | 21min