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Alludu Gaaru

EP5 : Manam

2021 • 21M • 1 Season • Romance Comedy

Humorous • Romantic

Ajay takes an unconscious Ashok to the doctor and now, the roles are reversed. Ajay becomes the adult and Ashok the child. They later unite with the family at home but one thing leads to another and eventually, Ajay snaps. He lets it all go and tells his in-laws how their treatment of him has been bothering him and how he feels like an outsider. How will they take it? Find out in the season finale of “’Alludu guru”!

Season 1

1. Randi Dhaya Cheyandi
Episode 1 | 28min


2. Mad House
Episode 2 | 27min


3. Happy Anniversary
Episode 3 | 29min


4. Ukkiri Bikkiri
Episode 4 | 22min


5. Manam
Episode 5 | 21min