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Agent Anand Santosh

EP5 : Pakdo Pakdo

2022 • 27min • 1 Season • Comedy

Humorous • Exciting • Romantic

As Agent struggles to find any clue in the iPhone theft case, he tries to build a new friendship to help him solve the case. With the help of his friend, he manages to locate the thief, but he has unwanted baggage in the shape of Sharma. The rest of the story is about how our Agent helps Sharma and manages to catch the thief.

Season 1

1. It's Meghana sir
Episode 1 | 36min


2. Are Entra Idi
Episode 2 | 30min


3. Chala Unnai... Dacham
Episode 3 | 29min


4. Daagudumoota Dandakor
Episode 4 | 30min


5. Pakdo Pakdo
Episode 5 | 27min


6. Haridas
Episode 6 | 32min