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Agent Anand Santosh

EP1 : It's Meghana sir

2022 • 36min • 1 Season • Comedy

Humorous • Exciting • Romantic

Agent Anand Santosh runs a detective agency with his sidekick Ayomayam, dealing with petty cases in their neighbourhood. However, the situation escalated when he is tasked to find a missing girl. How our Agent using his quirky yet effective methods solves the case becomes the story.

Season 1

1. It's Meghana sir
Episode 1 | 36min


2. Are Entra Idi
Episode 2 | 30min


3. Chala Unnai... Dacham
Episode 3 | 29min


4. Daagudumoota Dandakor
Episode 4 | 30min


5. Pakdo Pakdo
Episode 5 | 27min


6. Haridas
Episode 6 | 32min