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Agent Anand Santosh

EP6 : Haridas

2022 • 32M • 1 Season • Comedy

Humorous • Exciting • Romantic

Agent is assigned to deal with Agency’s first costly case, the client was cheated when he placed an order for a branded shoe and he received a counterfeit. With the help of a newly appointed hacker, he tracks the fraudster to Raichur in Karnataka. Agent and his official assistant Ayomayam travel to Raichur. The rest of the story revolves around how they solve the case.

Season 1

1. It's Meghana sir
Episode 1 | 36min


2. Are Entra Idi
Episode 2 | 30min


3. Chala Unnai... Dacham
Episode 3 | 29min


4. Daagudumoota Dandakor
Episode 4 | 30min


5. Pakdo Pakdo
Episode 5 | 27min


6. Haridas
Episode 6 | 32min