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Agent Anand Santosh

EP3 : Chala Unnai... Dacham

2022 • 29M • 1 Season • Comedy

Humorous • Exciting • Romantic

Agent’s first case is to investigate and recover the stolen tire of an expensive car. Unlike his usual style, he has to devise a plan, present it to the team for approval, and work within a specific budget. However, Agent and Ayomayam find the robbers, but there is more to the case than the stolen tire.

Season 1

1. It's Meghana sir
Episode 1 | 36min
2. Are Entra Idi
Episode 2 | 30min
3. Chala Unnai... Dacham
Episode 3 | 29min
4. Daagudumoota Dandakor
Episode 4 | 30min
5. Pakdo Pakdo
Episode 5 | 27min
6. Haridas
Episode 6 | 32min